Sourdough Bakers Roaming II – Day 2

Today, I view all pictures of 2nd day, the last day of gathering, and choose the pictures that I’d like to share. So, I hope I won’t spend too many hours writing the blog like I did yesterday.

If you just visit my blog and read this post, you can go back to read the story of 1st day here : Sourdough Bakers Roaming II – Day 1

Let’s continue …

1 June, 2019 I went to Phranakorn-Nornlen hotel since early morning. I met Chef William and Kru Rose, had breakfast together. Before the event started, Chef checked his croissant dough and shaped some of them. We also checked all retarded dough, baguette and high hydration “anything” bread, they were well fermented.

8:35 AM, shaping 1st batch of croissants.

I weighed ingredients for making curry bun (we already made chicken curry fillings yesterday).

When everyone arrived, we started mixing. Curry bun was from Kru Nuch Japanese bread recipe, so she showed us how to make it.

About 41 hours, lievito madre, it’s still strong to leaven the sweet dough.
Few more hand mix.

After finished mixing, the high hydration dough was ready to cut.

Chef William did a magic hand to make lots of bubbles.
Just a simple cut, no shaping.
Light handling

I think we shaped croissant before baguette. We did too many things in these 2 days, so I can’t remember the correct timeline.

Chef William showed us how to shape croissant. Actually, we planned to shape it since yesterday, but the dough wasn’t ready. It was quite late, so we wished it would rise well and we could bake in the evening.

Then we continued with Kru Nong’s baguette.
(We might do this process first, before cutting croissant.)

Preshaped baguette dough

When the dough was relaxed, we started shaping.

Between these steps, we also had new toy to play, the pH meter by Kru Nong.

41 hours lievito madre, still not too sour.
My curious face when seeing new toy, Lolx

Kru Rose came and said that she had another bagel recipe to try. We had some leftover stiff starter and sweet stiff starter (in above picture, that Kru Nong put the pH meter in). So we made another dough, high inoculation bagels.

Time passed so fast, until the high hydration dough was ready to be baked. Chef William tested the 1st batch first. I remember I was quite hungry at that moment, so this test bake safe my life.

And the rest, we proofed for a while to get more open crumb.

Super Yummy with Kru Nong ‘s jam.

Next, we shaped curry bun and donut. Donuts weren’t in our plan, but while mixing the dough, Kru Nuch said we could use this recipe for donuts. Some of us were donuts fan, so we made some.

Someone marked their own dough, but we forgot that
we had to dip it in egg and coat with bread crust. and it would be disappeared. Lolx

There was one croissant dough left, but it was too late to shape and proof croissant. So Chef just did something fun.

Then it’s lunch time. But, before we had lunch, we loaded the high hydration to the oven. When we were back, all breads were done.

Now, it’s time to score and bake baguette.

Next step, the bagel dough, since it was high inoculation so the fermentation was really fast. Now, it’s time to shape. This step was leaded by Kru Nuch.

Then (I think), it’s time to fry curry bun and donuts.

Easy glaze from sugar powder, milk, lime juice, and a pinch of salt.
Happy face with soft & chewy sourdough donut!!!
We all gave 10/10 to sourdough donut !!!

And the curry bun, it’s really amazing and seriously delicious!!!

Hot from deep fry.

In late afternoon, after we baked and fried many breads. We had sharing & talking session.

Chef William shared us his vision and suggestion. Then, all of us shared our thoughts and feelings about the event. It was so memorable moments, we had so many feelings and expressions; smiles, big laughs, and tears of joy.

Breads, desserts, jam, and coffee during our talks.

While we were talking, we still had to check our dough. Croissants were still under proofed. Pretzels and bagels were ready. So, we proceeded next step.

Today, we used Lye for pretzel. So safety first with glove and goggle.
Baking soda bathing for bagels.
While we were talking, we freeze bagels dough, so the skin was shrink.

We did so many things and we almost forgot about pizza dough! This morning, we used some high hydration dough to make pizza. Talking session wasn’t finished yet, but we had to bake pizza.

Chicken curry pizza

We almost finished all pizza, but we had 2 left for taking pictures. It was so delicious and we were excited to use the pizza oven.

Then we continued our talking sessions, until 6:00 PM. After we finished talking, we felt more connected together. So, we got this picture. A big big HUG !!


Croissants weren’t really ready to be baked, but we just baked it.

Almost 7:00 PM, it’s time to take group picture with all breads we made!!!

Sourdough baguette with sticky rice
100% whole wheat sourdough
High hydration sourdough bread
Seeded sourdough
Sourdough bagel
Sourdough curry bun, sourdough donuts, sourdough cream bun

Writing until now, I keep looking for pictures to share. I don’t feel like to finish this blog.
Until we meet again, let’s see more pictures of our smiling faces.

Actually, this picture were taken on 1st day, but I keep it for last.

I feel so grateful that Chef William for joining with us. Sister Ying’s picture really show how thankful we are. I also thank you the lady in the background, Kru Rose and her team, who hosted the event, provided us all facilities to make these beautiful breads.

This gathering “Sourdough Bakers Roaming II” is beyond our expectation. Many of us said it was better than a Master Class, and I totally agree.

I have to say thank you to “everyone”, Not only this gathering but also the 1st time we had last year. I can’t do this alone, but with all of us. Another person is my husband, who always support me, be another part of me. Thank you very much!

I hope the readers also enjoy reading Day-2 blog.
See you next time, when we have another fun & special project.

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