Sourdough Bakers Roaming II – Day 1

Finally, I could accomplish another dream to bake with friends, passionate bakers, who fall in love with natural yeast, sourdough breads. Last week (31 May – 1 June) in Bangkok, we had 2nd gathering, so called, Sourdough Bakers Roaming II.

Back to 2018, I shared this dream with my husband and Chef William. And, the 1st roaming was happened in December at my small home. You can read the blog here

I used the 1st time as a model to organise more fun and excited event. I planned almost 6 months ahead and invited other bread baking teachers to participate. They are ;
Chef William
Kru Rose ขนมปังเปลี่ยนชีวิต
Kru Mu and Kru Nong Bread Books Bike & Beer
Kru Nuch ห้องเรียนขนมปัง Kurukuru baking class くるくるパン教室
*Kru is in Thai, means Teacher

In stead of my house which is very small, I decided to ask Kru Rose, the owner of Phranakorn-Nornlen hotel where this place is fully equiped with baking studio and in house bakery, to host this gathering. She was so kind and let us use all facilities at her place.

Few weeks before the gathering, I started to collect information about baking preferences, types of breads that participants are interested in. Then I asked all teachers to suggest bread formulas. We came up with formulas that all teachers would like to try and share.

A week before, I refreshed all sourdough starters, built up the strength and the number we needed.

Liquid starter, 50% hydration stiff starter,
50% hydration sweet stiff starter, and 65% hydration whole wheat starter.

2 days earlier (29 May), Chef William arrived. Once he landed he started to bake!

Chef William at my home,
when he saw local wheat flour and sourdough starter,
only one thing he wanted to do was MAKING BREAD!
100% local wheat flour, naturally leavened by
4 days old liquid starter and whole wheat starter.

Chef William gave me advice about the timelines of the 2 days event. We also discussed the bread formulas and prepared all documents.

After finished baking, we visited some bakeries and sent Chef William to the hotel, Phranakorn-Nornlen, together with ingredients and sourdough starters.

Welcome Chef !

30 May, 1 day before, we were at baking studio to prepare levain, premix, and some bread dough.

Almost 6:00 PM, preparing for tomorrow.

31 May, when all participants arrived. We firstly introduced ourselves, shared our baking journey, thank to the host. I passed formulas to everyone, introduced teachers who would lead us to mix and bake each bread.

Then we started the work by weighing ingredients.

Kru Nuch & her sourdough sweet dough formula.
Kru Rose & her sourdough pretzel formula.
Kru Mu (and Kru Nong) with their sourdough baguettes.
Pueng scaled egg yolk for sweet dough.
Tang and Kru Nuch weighed sweet dough ingredients.
Nong, Bee, and all of us, helped each other weighing ingredients.

After we finished the first step in bread making, Mise en Place, we proceeded to next step, Mixing.

1st dough, Kru Rose leaded us to mix Sourdough Pretzels.

2nd dough, my 100% whole wheat sourdough.

3rd dough, Kru Nuch showed how to mix cream bun.

4th dough, Kru Mu and Kru Nong with their sourdough baguette with sticky rice.

I couldn’t remember, until now, what time it was, almost lunch time I guess.
Morning session were done, and we had more things to play.

Yesterday, Chef William mixed anything bread from leftover lievito madre. So we just shaped and baked today.

It’s mixture of bread flour, local wheat flour, mixed seeds, salt, and water.
#TheQuestForSourdough in Bangkok

Back to Kru Nuch sweet bread, cream bun. She still had to prepare custard cream for us.

When pretzel dough were ready to be divided, Kru Rose had to show us how to share pretzel dough.

And then, all of us shaped sourdough pretzel.

At the same time, my 100% whole wheat bread were ready. Others were busy shaping pretzel, so we didn’t have much pictures of the whole wheat dough.

Kru Nong with preshaped whole wheat dough.
Kru Nong scoring whole wheat dough

Well … I have to confess, writing blog until now, I’m very confused what works we did, before and after. It was very fun and excited on the first day, because we had so many things to do and prepare for next day.

To review all above, since morning session until late afternoon.
We mixed 4 dough, baked 2 breads, prepared custard cream, shaped pretzels.
We still had croissant dough to be laminated and cream bun to be shaped, proofed, and baked.

Let’s continue, but I can’t sort it in correct order, I’m too confused now.

Here, Chef William showed how to laminate croissant. Chef did 1 double fold, 1 single fold. Actually, we planned to cut and shape croissant dough today, but the dough wasn’t ready (due to the flour was too strong). Chef decided to shape it next day.

Kru Nuch had so many works to do, she’s back to show how to shape cream bun.

At the moment, I noticed there’re some leftover liquid starter and whole wheat starter,
I told Chef William. Suddenly, Chef decided to mix another “Anything” bread. We weighed all starter, did some calculation to use all leftover flours, local wheat flour that was added aroma by toasting, some black peppers and spices, molasses, and himalayan pink salt and some croissant dough that was cut out while laminating.

After mixing, dough was bulk fermented for a while and retarded overnight.

“Anything” High hydration bread. I kept requesting to add more & more water. Lolx

Jump to Kru Rose’s pretzel, we planned to bake most pretzels tomorrow after lye dipping. But today, we tried small batch of baking soda bathing.

Another preparation, chicken curry fillings for tomorrow Curry Bun.

And last work for today, cream bun were well proofed and ready to be baked.

Wow!! We did many things in one day. Let’s see what we got.

Sourdough seeded bread, sourdough 100% whole wheat, sourdough pretzel, sourdough cream bun.
“Anything” seeded sourdough bread by Chef William
with homemade jam by Kru Nong and Taii (Wabbit cafe and roastery)
100% whole wheat sourdough bread by me.

At the end of the day, with our happy faces.

It’s very long long blog now. I will continue Day 2 in another blog. I wish you enjoy reading and seeing beautiful pictures. Thank you P’Ying, Aom and everyone who captured these wonderful moments. I will leave this blog with our happy faces.

I think , the last picture, make everyone smiles.

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