Sourdough Bakers Roaming #1

I saw Facebook live video on the quest for sourdough event, sponsored by Puratos, Brussels (Belgium). I was really in to it and would like to have this kind of event in Bangkok.

Here are their recently published video.

I talked to some friends who are passionate bakers and thought about this few months ago. Until October 2018, I attended Chef Beesham sourdough baking workshop in Bangkok, and had chance to meet many friends, also Chef William.

After the workshop, I was still thinking about the event, and asked advice from Chef William. Finally, I set the date and made it happen.

15-16 December 2018 was my very first sourdough bread baking event, I invited some friends. Unfortunately, Chef William couldn’t join the first event because he had a trip to Hong Kong.

After I got all participants, we chose what breads we’d like to bake, to challenge, to learn and develop our bread baking stills. I asked them do you have any breads that you’d like to achieve, any breads you baked it many times but still fail, any breads you want to try, any breads you are really interested to learn, etc.

From our discussion, here the lists of breads;
– 100% whole wheat sourdough bread (this was one of my list too)
– Panettone with pasta madre
– High hydration and holey, open crumb bread
– Sourdough croissant

The objectives of the event are to bake, learn, share. Every participant, including me, will learn each other. We create community for sharing knowledge and passion about baking good breads. Finally, our bread baking skills are developed and we have better breads for our family, friends, or customers.

We didn’t aim to have all perfect breads, to fail or succeed, it’s a part of learning.

The Event Name

I can’t figure out the final name for this event. At the moment, I’m still open and seeing how it’s going to be in future. I might keep changing and adjusting, so I haven’t yet settled it. So, I just use the word “Roaming” for the 1st version. I’d like to express the idea of bakers visiting, baking and sharing together.

Here’s our timeline from this event.

Dec 14, Day 0

I prepared all starters and preferments;
– 100% whole wheat starter 65% hydration for 100% whole wheat bread
– Liquid starter 100% hydration
– Stiff starter 50% hydration for sourdough croissant
– Pasta madre 40% hydration for panettone

Day 0, all starters I prepared

Dec 15, Day 1


When all participants arrived, we started from the bread formulas and weighed all ingredients.

We started mixing all dough.
1. Sourdough croissant dough, mixed it first, bulked ferment in room temp and chilled about 4-5 hours before laminating butter in the afternoon.
2. 100% whole wheat breads, 2 recipes for lean and enriched dough, we mixed and baked in afternoon.
3. White breads with some other different flours; Italian flour Tipo 0, Semola flour, Multicereal flour, Kamut. We mixed, did some folding during room temp bulk fermentation and retard overnight.

We also refreshed pasta madre and waited until it’s ready for mixing panettone 1st dough.


100% whole wheat dough were ready to be divided.
We started laminating croissant dough in afternoon, 1 double and 1 single fold, then divided, shaped, and chilled it overnight.

Butter locking !
Cooling table to be ready for shaping croissant. The cooling pads were brought by Alan Feng, thank you dear!
Sourdough croissant

We also baked and tasted 100% whole wheat breads. I was quite happy with this experiment, both on lean and enriched dough.

Milk wash, before baking 100% whole wheat sourdough sandwich.
Scoring 100% whole wheat sourdough bread (lean dough)
100% whole wheat sourdough breads
100% whole wheat sourdough bread.
53% Bob’s red mill organic whole wheat flour, 47% freshly milled local wheat, 33% oat porridge, 1.7% salt, 78% hydration
100% whole wheat sourdough sandwich
100% Bob’s red mill organic whole wheat flour, 1.5% salt, 26% water, 42% milk, 8% sugar, 7% olive oil, 10% egg


Once pasta madre was ready, we started mixing panettone 1st dough. Now all tasks were done.

Day 16, Day 2

Last night, I was nervous, woke up to check panettone 1st dough since midnight and I couldn’t sleep so well. In the morning, everyone could see how often I checked the 1st dough on the note I marked.


Very early in morning, I took croissant dough to room temp.

When everyone arrived, we started mixing panettone 2nd dough. Then we did short bulk fermentation in container and put in on table to rest. We divided, preshaped, shaped and proofed panettone.

Mixing 2nd dough
Lots of yolks and butter
Before adding fruits
Well incorporated raisin and citrus peels
Resting panettone dough

We had many of liquid and stiff starters, that we didn’t use I had to discard it on next feed. So we created new formula to use all of them making one high inoculation bread dough with hand mixed. We made it 200% starter to flour, to see how fast it fermented.


We divided the other 2 dough, that were bulk fermented in the fridge since yesterday. We found that both dough were a bit over fermented, dough had too much bubbled and lost some strength. In stead of making good Baguettes, we had some fun on cutting to Epi and other fun breads.

Epi and fun shaping

Another dough that were more wet, so we shaped it by using stitching technique. I didn’t feel that both dough were in good condition, if we wanted to play safe, we would just make easy shaping like ciabatta. But we came to learn, challenge and play. So we just did it. We could learn from all situations, success or failure.

Some dough in banneton.

Last, we divided and shaped the high inoculation dough, made it to pretzel. This dough was also too fermented. It proofed very fast too.

By the way, sourdough croissant didn’t rise at all.

Late Afternoon

While panettone was proofing, we started baking 3 dough that we shaped in afternoon.

On top, sourdough pretzel, I made mistake on water solution. So the crust color didn’t turn out nicely. (My bad, I should google it first!!)
Epi and this bread were from same dough.
50% semola, 50% multicereal, about 75% hydration, leavened by liquid starter.
This bread was from 10% Bread flour, 70% Tipo 0, 20% Kamut, 85% hydration but feeling were more wet. The dough was bulk and retard too long, I felt it a bit too fermented, but after baked, I found it’s under proofed.
Left : Bread from Tipo & Kamut bread, I loved its nice aroma, sweet and nutty aftertaste.
Right : Semola and multicereal bread, I must frankly say, I can’t remember how it taste (must ask from other friends)
Semola and multicereal bread

Croissant dough rise very little.

At the moment, we didn’t know when we could bake it.


Panettone was proofed about 5 hours and it was ready to be baked. We cut the skin and put some butter on it, some loaf we glazed and topped with sugar. It was really excited to see how panettone rising in the oven. This time, I also tried baking it in home oven.

Preparing to bake panettone
Checking temperature

After finished baking, another exciting moment was to hang it upside down. All of us did it one by one, with some cheering and laughing, it was very fun.

Everyone prepared something to bring panettone back home

Well … but croissant dough still didn’t rise. We all were tired from 2 days long event, so we decided to bake it anyway.

Finally, we tasted all breads we baked today. Some were really good, some were just OK, and some were failed. But all of us were really happy to get together, to share and learn.

Still warm, but all of us wanted to taste it!
Failed sourdough croissant, but we could learn from it.


We learned a lot from the event, especially from our failed breads.
I think it was about time and fermentation. We had good ingredients, we mixed the good dough. But we failed on managing the fermentation time.

Due to inexperience of making some difficult bread or ingredients we never used before.

About sourdough croissant, If I could correct it, I would proof the croissant dough right away after shaping in air condition room (I have no retarder). Actually, in recipe I already adjusted amount of starter to be high inoculation, but it wasn’t enough.

Due to bad management, I didn’t arrange enough working space for all dough. So I let the white dough retarded too long in the fridge until we finished panettone. To correct this, I should adjust the working space or if I couldn’t, I would adjust formula to use less starter to have proper fermentation.

And last …

Thank Chef William who guide me and listen to my idea.

Thank you all friends who joined this event. When I contacted them, they just said “Yes” and always participated, gave me details I needed and provided some ingredients I didn’t have.

Before they left my home, they collected money together, giving it to me for all expenses occurred during these few days. My husband and I couldn’t reject their intention, so we accepted it but not for ourselves. We also put additional money to the fund for donation.

Our family are so happy and grateful. We had this event to share our passion about bread baking. We had a wonderful time baking with all friends. They share it back. Finally, We all again share to others.

Panettone and cookies, almond milk for giving to monk. Money from all of us donating to temple.
Packing panettone to temple
Each slice of panettone, we gave to monk.
Panettone crumbs from friends. I am super happy to see this picture.


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  1. นกเขียนอังกฤษไม่ค่อยเก่ง ขออนุญาตภาษาไทยนะคะ 😃

    เริ่มจาก คุณหลินกระซิบถามมาว่ามาทำ workshop กันมั้ย ตอบตกลงโดยไม่ต้องคิดเลยค่ะ

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    ขอบคุณขนมปังที่ชักนำพวกเรามาพบกันค่ะ 🙏

    1. เครื่องนวดเจ๋งสุด ๆ ค่ะ ชอบมาก ๆ จะช่วยป้ายยาคนอื่นต่อไปนะคะ

      ขอบคุณที่มาทำขนมปังด้วยกัน สนุกมาก ๆ

  2. First of all, I’d like to thank Kru Lynn and P’Ly for inviting me to this fantastic event where I met my new “bread friends”. I have never had success in baking 100% wholewheat sourdough bread. The bread I baked would be really sour, the crumb was dense and packed. So, when Kru Lynn asked what kind of bread would I like to learn and try, I had the answer right away, 100% wholewheat sourdough bread.

    We had a great time learning and laughing together ;0) And finally we’ve made great 100% wholewheat sourdough breads.

    Eventhough we didn’t have success in all the recipes we baked. We have learned from the mistakes. Thank you everyone!!

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